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 What Is Included In The Price ?
Everything … digital party invitations ( downloaded by you ), pink fizz reception ( non alcoholic ), mini makeover for each girl, studio photoshoot for each girl, group photoshoot for all the girls, top floor surprise loft party disco with stone baked pizza snacks & soft drinks, birthday cake, banners & decorations, karaoke, games & prizes, lots of fun, free large glossy studio prints for each girl to take home at the end of the party.

What sort of premises do you have ?
We have a professional & modern detached party studio venue & our parties are set over 3 floors. We have a gallery entrance, modern reception lounge inc large screen viewing, downstairs hi-key studio, middle floor multi backdrop studio & makeup area. twin toilet facilities plus 3rd floor dedicated loft party disco room with multi-coloured beanbags, latest music & twin wireless microphone karaoke system + disco lighting. All levels are very modern & spotlessly clean, you won't be disappointed.

Can we book a joint birthday party ?
Yes we do joint photoshoot parties allowing both parents to share the cost.
Note: 2 Hour Deluxe Party Only
( £10 Surcharge Applies )

Do I have to book well in advance ?
We do advise you to book early if you want a specific date, however we do take last minute bookings also, some as early as the day before. Just give us a call, we will always do our best to fit you in.

What if less than the number invited attend ?
No problem .... This means that everyone else gets longer with their makeover & photoshoot. We have done parties for as few as 3 people.

Is everything on this website really included in the price ?
We get asked this a lot ... The answer is YES. We try to make everyone happy & pay attention to every last detail. Just book your party & turn up, we will do the rest. There are no catches & no hidden extras to pay for.

What makes your parties different from other party venues ?
Well for a start unlike others that always try to get you to pay more for extra's, we don't, what you see is what we give you. Our studios are huge allowing us to use 3 separate areas for our parties. Many places do basic photoshoot parties, but no one includes a professional mini-makeover with party disco inc pizza, snacks, drinks & birthday cake with all the trimmings set in it's own party room, we take care of everything ... Just Turn Up & leave the rest to us !!!

Why are there no pictures of the party room on your website ?
Simple ... We don't want to spoil the surprise everyone has when they go upstairs & see our party room for the first time. Besides some girls don't even realise there is a party afterwards as it's kept a secret !

What pictures are included in the price ?
Large prints for everyone … The girls get to choose their very own large A4 or 7x5" solo / group print of their choice depending on the party option booked. Each image is retouched & airbrushed & printed ready to take home at the end of the party. Book our deluxe party & all the girls take home 2 x prints each ( both solo & group )

Can I purchase more pictures ?
Yes ... You can buy the digital photos on the day, approx 100 digital photos for only £20 / £30. There is no hard selling, we don't believe we have to.

How many people can attend & what ages ?
For our photoshoot parties we allow a max of 15 children. The minimum age is 7 for the birthday girl & 6 for guests, we don't allow anyone under the age of 6 to attend sorry unless they are the brother sister of the birthday girl. We don't include makeup for under 6's or boys sorry. The maximum age is 16 for the birthday girl & 16 for guests. We don't allow anyone over the age of 16 to participate sorry.

Are adults allowed to attend ?
At least 1 parent has to be present & max of 4 adults ( 2 preferably if covid etc cases rise )

What do other parents say ?
We have only ever had praise & compliments regarding our past parties. See our Reviews Page for examples of what others have said.

Do you just do parties for Halifax people ?
No not at all, we have had people from ... Huddersfield, Barnsley, Wakefield, Bradford, Leeds, Manchester, Rochdale, Skipton, York, Dewsbury, Sheffield, Castleford, Hull, Bolton, Brighouse, Batley, Doncaster, Pontefract, Keighley, Bingley, Ilkley, Tadcaster, Harrogate,Rotherham. Oldham, West, South, East & North Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cheshire & beyond including Scotland & Wales. People make it a day out & the travelling is part of the fun, a new town & a new location.

How Far Away Are You From Me ?
We are only a short trip from most major towns & cities … 10 Minutes from Bradford - 15 Minutes from Huddersfield - 20 Minutes from Leeds - 20 Minutes from Keighley - 30 Minutes from Wakefield - 30 Minutes from Castleford - 30 Minutes from Manchester - 30 Minutes From Burnley - 45 Minutes from Sheffield - 1 Hour from York - 1 Hour from Hull - 1 Hour From Preston - 1 Hour from Liverpool - 2 Hours from Newcastle.

How do I book ?
Easy, just go to our Booking Form & we will book your date in the diary. We ask for a £25 deposit to secure your party. We will also send you your invitations when you book for you to hand out to your friends.
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